Loyalists in the American Revolution

Danae Aslidis, Emily Krouk, and Sabrina Sukhin

King George III

loyalists: King George III is doing the best he can with a difficult situation. He is not a cruel or unjust ruler. Why are the colonists not able to understand that?

getpatriotic: King George III is an incompetent ruler. His government pays no attention to its people.

patriots: Parliament in England is only concerned with England. They do not care about the colonies' best interests. They are taxing us to gain money.

loyalists: Of course they are taxing us to gain money. They just fought a war for us and lost thousands of poundsóthe least we can do is help them.

patriots: They have forced us to keep British soldiers in our own homes. How do you expect us to support their cost of living if we can barely support our own families?

getpatriotic: No one should have to pay a tax unless they choose the representative who helps determine that tax. They have unfairly taxed us. They have taxed us without representation. No taxation without representation! Since England does not have the right to tax us, then they also do not have the right to make other laws that affect us.

tories: We, the colonists, should pay our fair share to England. We have wealth, religious freedom, and opportunity for all. We are far better off than other countries. Not only that, but Britain fought our war. Without them we would have to go back to Britain and lose all our hope, wealth, and all the opportunities we came to the colonies for in the first place.

getpatriotic: Britain has no right to control what is taxed!

loyalists: If you colonists were not so stubborn, maybe you would not have dumped all of that tea and taken advantage of a great deal! The only one the tea tax affected is illegal merchants, who by the way are against the law because they are smuggling goods into the colonies.

getpatriotic: Morally, we are better than England. We know the difference between right and wrong. England's government is corrupt. They are the ones ordering their soldiers to shoot innocent colonists on the streets.

loyalists: All you Patriots do is injure people and destroy property. You are not morally better than England at all.

patriots: They have made arrests based on their own wishes instead of laws. They have limited our rights to freedom of speech, of press, and of assembly. They have taken away our rights to property by making us quarter troops.

tories: The Patriots are just a bunch of hypocrites. They object to taxes so they do not have to pay them. If they really wanted equality and freedom, they would have established it in their own colonies first.

patriots: They have stopped us from spreading further west. They have not helped us with our Indian problems. Was that not what the war was about?

loyalists: We are part of Britain. We came from Britain. Since the colonies are separate from each other, they are clearly not capable of governing themselves.

getpatriotic: So you think that we are not self-sufficient?

tories: We need the protection that England can give us. They protected us in the French and Indian War. They can also protect us in future conflicts. Britain has the best army out there; even if we were to rebel the British soldiers would demolish us. They are one of the most powerful nations in the world.

loyalists: England and the colonies all have the same roots. A war against England is like having a war against our own family. We all share the same blood.

patriots: Typical loyalist. All you do is post on your dumb blogs all day instead of working to help the country you claim to be loyal to.

loyalists: Well, I hate to point it out but youíre posting on the blog instead of fighting too.

patriots: You lackadaisical loyalists should do some real work. We all know that you want some of the same things that we do.

loyalists: Yeah, but the difference is we actually support the country that found this land and made sacrifices for us.

patriots: Sacrifices? What sacrifices? They started a war we didnít want and then started taxes that we could not avoid. How could you call those sacrifices?

loyalists: Did you forget that they discovered the land for us?

patriots: They discovered it for themselves and did you forget that we did not want the war in the first place and that we all left Great Britain for a reason and that none of us want to go back.

loyalists: Speak for yourself. We did not all leave because we donít like our mother country. Some of us just wanted a fresh start. I would be fine moving back home. Are there any real reasons to be a patriot? You just want representation, which is kind of hard with the trip taking a couple months.

patriots: But thatís better than nothing.

loyalists: Iím not saying that I donít want representation, but I think it was a little unnecessary to provoke the British guards with snowballs, rocks, and sticks.

patriots: They shot at us, remember?

loyalists: Maybe they had a reason! You were the ones harassing the soldiers. It was an accident and they were overwhelmed.

patriots: What was the point of taking away our weapons? How do you know that we werenít going to help you in your next battle on our land?

loyalists: Have you forgotten that Britain gave us this land? They simply asked for money to help pay for the war.

Reverend Charles Inglis

"But if America should now mistake her real interest -- if her sons, infatuated with romantic notions of conquest and empire, ere things are ripe, should adopt this republican's scheme -- they will infallibly destroy this smiling prospect. They will dismember this happy country, make it a scene of blood and slaughter, and entail wretchedness and misery on millions yet unborn."
-Reverend Charles Inglis

William Franklin

In 1763, William Franklin was appointed as the last Colonial Governor of New Jersey. Although Franklin received hostilities, he continued to dispatch information on the current New Jersey situation to England. He served as a president of the Board of Associated Loyalists. He was the son of Benjamin Franklin, who was a prominent Patriot. This significant discrepancy affected their ties and caused their relationship to be severed. Despite all of this, William Franklin still chose to remain loyal to the Crown.